Many of the major links within this site are sourced from data provided by the Gazetteer for Scotland at and used with their permission.

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"NRK Travel Specialists in travel to and within Scotland for Scandinavians. Our staff speak Swedish, Danish and Norwegian (with access to Finnish) and have over 20 years experience of providing full first class travel services for all of our clients, no matter what their interests. Všlkommen till Skottland"

The Legend of Nessie- Nessies Highland Web Site

Tourism in Buckie - Scotland

Milford Associates Limited
The Old Stables, Westholme, Near Winston Darlington DL2 3QLUK


"If you might be interested in capturing some of
Scotland's loveliest scenery on canvas,
check out this painting workshop site. "

Scottish Genealogy
Scottish Movie Locations
A Huge Site Of Folk Songs
BBC Scotland Gaelic

Reporting Scotland
The BBC in Scotland providing in-depth coverage of stories from Scotland.

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