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Scotland, Clans & Family Names

Clan And Family Names
Macinally to Murchison

Septs are entitled to wear the tartan of the clan to which they are attached.
An asterisk(*) indicates septs having a tartan of their own.

Surname - Clan Name
Macinally, Buchanan
Macindeor, Buchanan, Macnab, Menzies
Macindoe, Buchanan
*Macinroy, Robertson
Macinstalker, MacFarlane
MacIsaac, Campbell MacDonald of Clanranald
MacJames, MacFarlane
MacKail, Cameron
MacKames, Gunn
MacKeachan, MacDonald of Clanranald
MacKeamish, Gunn
MacKean, Gunn, MacDonald
Mackechnie, MacDonald of Clanranald
Mackee, MacKay
Mackeggie, MacIntosh
MacKeith, Keith, Macpherson
MacKellachie, MacDonald
MacKellaig, MacDonald
MacKellaigh, MacDonald
*MacKellar, Campbell of Argyll
MacKelloch, MacDonald
MacKemmie, Fraser
MacKendrick, see Henderson
MacDonald of Clanranald
MacKerchar, Farquharson
MacKerlich, MacKenzie
MacKerrachar, Farquharson
MacKerras, Ferguson
MacKersey, Ferguson
MacKessock, Campbell,
MacDonald of Clanranald
MacKichan, MacDonald of Clanranald, MacDougall
Mackie, MacKay
MacKillican, MacIntosh
MacKillip, MacDonell of Keppoch
MacKim, Fraser
MacKimmie, Fraser
*Mackinlay, Buchanan, Farquharson, MacFarlane, Stewart
MacKinnell, MacDonald
Mackinney, Mackinnon
Mackinning, Mackinnon
MacKintosh, see Mackintosh
MacKirdy, Stewart
MacKissock, Campbell, MacDonald of Clanranald
Macknight, MacNaughton
Maclagan, Robertson
MacLaghian, MacLachlan
MacLamond, Lamont
MacLardie, MacLardy, MacDonald
MacLarty, MacDonald
MacLaverty, MacDonald
*Maclay, Macleay, Buchanan, Stewart
Macleish, Macpherson
MacLeister, Fletcher
MacLellan, MacDonald
MacLennan, see Logan
Maclerie, Cameron, Maclntosh Macpherson
MacLewis, MacLead, Stewart
*MacLintock, Family Name
MacLise, Macpherson
MacLiver, MacGregor
MacLucas, Lamont, MacDougall
MacLugash, MacDougall
MacLulich, MacDougall, Munro, Ross
Maclure, MacLeod of Harris
MacLymont, Lamont
MacMartin, Cameron
MacMaster, Buchanan, MacInnes
MacMath, Matheson
MacMaurice, Buchanan
MacMenzies, Menzies
MacMichael, Stewart
MacMinn, Menzies
MacMorran, Mackinnon
MacMunn, Stewart
MacMurchie, MacMurchy, Buchanan, MacDonald, MacKenzie
MacMurdo, MacDonald, Macpherson
MacMordoch, MacDonald, Macpherson
MacMurray, Murray
MacMurrich, MacDonald of Clanranald, Macpherson
MacMutrie, Stewart
MacNair, MacNayer, MacFarlane, MacNaughton
MacNee, MacGregor
MacNeilage, MacNeill
MacNeish, MacGregor
MacNelly, MacNeil
MacNeur, MacFarlane
MacNider, MacFarlane
MacNie, MacGregor
MacNish, MacGregor
MacNiter, MacFarlane
MacNiven, Cumin, MacIntosh, MacNaughton
MacNuyer, Buchanan MacFarlane, MacNaughton
MacOmie, MacIntosh
MacOmish, Gunn
MacOnie, Cameron
Macoul, Macowl, MacDougall
MacOurlic, Kennedy
MacOwen, Campbell
MacPatrick, Lamont, MacLaren
MacPeter, MacGregor
*MacPhail, Cameron Macintosh, MacKay
MacPhater, MacLaren
MacPhedran, Campbell, Macaulay
Macphee, Macphie, see Macfie
MacDonell of Keppoch
MacPhun, Campbell, Matheson
Macquey, MacKay
Macquhirr, Macquarrie
MacQuistan, MacDonald
Macquoid, MacKay
Macra, Macrae
Macraild, MacLeod of Harris
MacRaith, MacDonald, Macrae
MacRankin, MacLean
MacRath, Macrae
MacRitchie, Macintosh
MacRob, MacRobb, Gunn, Innes, MacFarlane, Robertson
MacRobbie, Robertson
MacRobert, Robertson
MacRobie, Drummond, Robertson
MacRorie, MacRory, MacDonald
MacRuer, MacDonald
MacRurie, MacRury, MacDonald
MacShimnmie, Fraser
MacSimon, Fraser
MacSorley, Cameron, Lamont, MacDonald
MacSporran, MacDonald
MacSuain, Macqueen
MacSwan, MacDonald, Macqueen
MacSween, Macqueen
MacSymon, Fraser
*MacTaggart, Ross
MacTause, Campbell of Argyll
*MacTavish, Campbell of Argyll
MacTear, Macintyre, Ross
MacThomas, Campbell of Argyll, Mackintosh
MacTier, MacTire,
MacUlric, Kennedy
MacUre, Campbell of Argyll, MacIver
MacVail, Cameron, MacKay, MacIntosh, Macpherson
MacVarish, MacDonald of Clanranald
MacVeagh, MacDonald, MacLean
MacVey, MacDonald, MacLean MacVicar, Campbell, MacNaughton
MacVinish, MacKenzie
MacVurie, MacDonald of Clanranald
MacVurrich, MacDonald of Clanranald, Macpherson
Mac Walrick, Kennedy
MacWalter, MacFarlane
MacWattie, Buchanan
MacWhannell, MacDonald
MacWhirr, Macquarrie
MacWhirter, Buchanan
MacWilliam, Gunn,MacFarlane
Macgrath, Macrae
Malcolmson, MacCallum, MacLeod, Malcolm
Malloch, MacGregor
Mann, Gunn
Manson, Gunn
Marr, Gordon
Marshall, Keith
Martin, Cameron, MacDonald
Masterton, Buchanan
Mathie, Matheson
Maxwell, Family Name
May, MacDonald
Means, Menzies
Meikleham, Lamont
Mein, Meine, Menzies
Melville,  Family Name
Melvin, MacBeth
Mengues, Menzies
Mennie, Menzies
Menteith, Graham, Stewart
Meyners, Menzies
Michie, Forbes
*Middleton, Innes
Miller, MacFarlane
Milne-Gordon, Innes, Ogilvie
Minn, Menzies
Minnus, Menzies
*Mitchell, Innes
Moir, Gordon
Monach, MacFarlane
Monteith, Graham, Stewart
Monzie, Menzies
Moray, Murray
More, Leslie
Morgan, MacKay
*Mowat, Sutherland
*Muir, Family
Munn, Stewart
Murchie, Buchanan, MacDonald, MacKenzie
Murchison, Buchanan MacDonald, MacKenzie

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