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Clan And Family Names
Kay to MacImmey

Septs are entitled to wear the tartan of the clan to which they are attached.
An asterisk(*) indicates septs having a tartan of their own.

Surname - Clan Name
Kay, Davidson
Kean, Keene, Gunn, MacDonald
Kellie, Kelly, MacDonald
Kendrick, Henderson, MacNaughton
Kenneth, MacKenzie
Kennethson, MacKenzie
*Kilgour, Family Name
Kilpatrick, Colquhoun
King, MacGregor
Kinnell, MacDonald
*Kinnieson, MacFarlane
Kirkpatrick, Colquhoun
Lachlan, MacLachian
Lamb, Lamont
Lambie, Lamont
Lammie, Lamont
Lammond, Lamont
Lamondson, Lamont
Landers, Lamont
Lang, MacDonald
*Lauder, Family Name
Laurence, MacLaren
Law, MacLaren
Lawrie, Gordon
Lean, MacLean
Leckie, Lecky, MacGregor
Lees, Macpherson
Lennie, Lenny, Buchanan
*Lennox, MacFarlane, Stewart
Lewis, MacLeod
Limont, Lamont
Lobban, Logan
Loudoun, Campbell
Love, MacKinnon
Low, MacLaren
Lucas, Lamont
*Lumsden Forbes
Lyall, Sinclair
Lyon, Farquharson
MacAdam, MacGregor
MacAdie, Ferguson
MacAindra, MacFarlane
MacAlaster, Macalister
Macalduie, Lamont
MacAlester, MacAlister
MacAllan, MacDonald of Clanranald, MacFarlane
Macandeoir, Buchanan, Macnab, Menzies
MacAndrew (see Anderson), Macintosh, Ross
MacAngus, Macinnes
Macara, MacGregor, Macrae
Macaree, MacGregor
MacAskill, MacLeod
MacAuslan, MacAusland, Buchanan
MacAy, MacIntosh
MacBain, Macbean
MacBaxter, Macmillan
*MacBeath, Macbean MacDonald, MacLean
MacBeolain, MacKenzie
*MacBeth, Macbean, MacDonald, MacLean
MacBrayne, MacNaughton
MacBride, MacDonald
MacBrieve, Morrison
MacCaa, MacFarlane
MacGaig, Farquharson MacLead of Harris
MacCainsh, Maclnnes
MacCaishe, MacDonald
MacCall, MacCoil
MacCalman, Buchanan
MacCalmont, Buchanan
MacCamie, Stewart
MacGammon, MacCammond, Buchanan
MacCansh. Maclnnes
MacCardney, Farquharson MacIntosh
MacCartair, MacArthur
MacCash, MacDonald
MacCaskill, MacLeod
MacCaul, MacDonald
MacCause, MacFarlane
MacCaw, Stewart
MacCay, MacKay
MacCeallaich, MacDonald
MacClench, MacChiery, Cameron, Macintosh, Macpherson
MacChoiter, MacGregor
MacChruiter, Buchanan
MacCloy, Stewart
MacClure, MacLeod
MacClymont, Lamont
MacCodrum, MacDonald
MacColman, Buchanan
MacComas, Gunn
MacCombe, Macintosh
MacCombich, Stewart of Appin
MacCombie, MacIntosh
MacConacher, MacDougall
MacConachie, MacGregor, Robertson
MacCondy, MacFarlane
MacConnach, MacKenzie
MacConnechy, Campbell, Robertson
MacConnell, MacDonald
MacConnichie, Campbell, MacGregor, Robertson
MacCooish, MacDonald
MacCook, MacDonald
MacCorkill Gunn
MacCorkindale, MacLeod
MacCorkie, Gunn
MacCormack, Buchanan
MacCormick, MacLame of Lochbuie
MacConquodale, MacLeod
MacCorrie, MacCorry, Macquarrie
MacCoull, MacDougall
MacCowan, Coiquhoun, MacDougall
MacCracken, Maclean
MacCrae, MacCrea, Macrae
MacGrain, MacDonald
MacCraw, Macrae
MacCreath, Macrae
MacCrie, MacKay, Macrae
MacCrimmon, MacLeod of Harris
Maccrowther, MacGregor
MacCuag, MacDonald
MacCuaig, Farguharson, MacLead of Harris
MacCuish, MacDonald
MacCulloch, MacDonald, MacDougall, Munro, Ross
MacCunn, Mac Queen
MacCutchen, MacCutcheon, MacDonald
Macdaid, Davidson
MacDaniell, MacDonald
MacDavid, Davidson
MacDermid, Campbell of Argyll
*MacDiarmid, Campbell of Argyll
MacDonachie, Robertson
Macdonleavy, Buchanan
MacDowall, MacDowell, MacDougall
Macdrain, MacDonald
MacDuffie, Macfie
MacEachan, MacDonald of Clanranald
MacEachern, MacEacheran, MacDonald
MacEaracher, Farqulsarson
MacEifrish, MacDonald
MacEiheran, MacDonald
MacErracher, Farquharson, MacFarlane
*MacFadyen, MacLame of Lochbuie
McFall, MacIntosh
MacFarquhar, Farquharson
MacFater, MacLaren
MacFeat, MacLaren
MacFergus, Ferguson
MacGaw, MacFarlane
MacGeachie, MacDonald of Clanranald
MacGeoch, MacFarlane
Macghee, Macghie, MacKay
MacGibbon, Buchanan, Campbell of Argyll, Graham
MacGilbert, Buchanan
MacGilchrist, MacLachlan, Ogilvie
*MacGill, Family Name
MacGilledow, Lamont
MacGillegowie, Lamont
MacGillivantic, Macdonell of Keppoch
MacGillonie, Cameron MacGilp, MacDonell of Keppoch
MacGilroy, Grant, MacGillivray
MacGilvernock, Graham
Macglashan, MacIntosh, Stewart
Macglasrich, Maclver, MacDonell of Keppoch
MacGorrie, MacGorry, MacDonald, Mac quarrie
MacGowan, see Gow
Buchanan, MacFarlane
Macgrime, Graham
MacGrory, MacLaren
Macgrowrher, MacGregor
Macgruder, MacGregor
Macgruer, Fraser
Macgruther, MacGregor
MacGuaran, Mac quarrie
MacGuffie, Macfie
MacGugan, MacDougall, MacNeill
MacGuire, Macquarrie
Machaffie, Macfie
*Machardie Machardy, Farquharson, MacIntosh
MacHarold, MacLeod of Harris
MacHay, MacIntosh
MacHendrie, MacHendry, Henderson, MacNaughton
MacHowell, MacDougall
MacHugh, MacDonald
MacHutchen, MacHutcheon, MacDonald
*MacIan, Gunn, MacDonald
Macildowie, Cameron
Macilreach, MacDonald
Macilrevie, MacDonald
Macilriach, MacDonald
Macilroy, MacGillivray, Grant
Macilvain, Macbean
Macilvora, Maclaine of Lochbuie
Macilbraie, MacGillivray
Macilvride, MacDonald
Macilwham, Lamont
Macilwraith, MacDonald
Macimmey, Fraser

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