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Clan And Family Names
Abbot to Johnson

Septs are entitled to wear the tartan of the clan to which they are attached.
An asterisk(*) indicates septs having a tartan of their own.

Surname - Clan Name
Abbot, Macnab
Abbotson, Macnab
*Abercrombie, Family Name
Abernethy, Leslie
Adam, Gordon
Adamson, MacIntosh
Adie, Gordon
Airlie, Ogilvie
Alexander, MacAlister, MacDonald, MacDonell of Glengarry
Allan, MacDonald of Clanranald, MacFarlane
Allanson, MacDonald of Clanranald, MacFarlane
Allardice, Graham
*Allison, Family
Alpin, MacAlpine
Anderson, Ross
Andrew, Ross
*Angus, Maclnnes
Arthur, MacArthur
Austin, Keith
Ayson, MacIntosh
*Baillie, Family
Bain, Macbean, MacKay, Macnab
Bannatyne, Campbell of Argyll Stewart
Bannerman, Forbes
Bartholomew, MacFarlane
*Baxter, Macmillan
Bayne, Macbean, MacKay, Macnab
Bean, Macbean
Beathy, MacBeth
Beaton, MacDonald, MacLean, MacLeod of Harris
Bell, Macmillan
Begg, MacDonald
Berkeley, Barclay
Bethune, MacDonald, MacLean. MacLeod of Harris
Beton, MacDonald, MacLean MacLeod of Harris
Binnie, MacBean
Black, Lamont, MacGregor, MacLean
Bontein, Bontine, Bunten, Graham
Bowie, MacDonald
Boyd, Stewart
Brewer, Drummond, MacGregor
Brieve, Morrison
Brown, Lamont, Macmillan
Buchan, Cumin
Burdon, Lamont
Burk, MacDonald
*Burnett, Campbell
*Burns, Campbell of Argyll
Caddell, Campbell of Cawdor
Caird, MacGregor, Sinclair
Calder, Campbell of Cawdor
Callum, MacLeod of Raasay
Campbell of Strachur, MacArthur
Cariston, Skene
*Carmjchael, MacDougall. Stewart
*Carnegie, Family Name
Carson, Macpherson
Cattanach, Macpherson
Caw, MacFarlane
Chalmers, Cameron
Cheyne, Sutherland
*Christie, Farquharson
*Clark, Clerk, Cameron, MacIntosh, Macpherson
Clarkson, Cameron, MacIntosh, Macp herson
Clyne, Sinclair
*Cochrane, Family Name
*Cockburn, Family Name
Collier, Robertson
Colman, Buchanan
Colson, MacDonald
Colyear, Robertson
Combich, Stewart
Combie, MacIntosh
Comrie, MacGregor
Comyn, see Cumming
*Connall, Conne, MacDonald
Conochie, Campbell
Cook, Stewart
Coulson, MacDonald
Coutts, Farquharson
Cowan, Colquhoun, MacDougall
*Cranston, Family Name
*Crauford, Crawford, Lindsay
Crerar, MacIntosh
Crombie, MacDonald
Crookshanks, Stewart
Cruickshanks, Stewart
Currie, MacDonald of Clanranald, Macpherson
Dallas, MacIntosh
*Dalziel, Family Name
Darroch, MacDonald
Davie, Davidson
Davis, Davidson
Davison, Davidson
Dawson, Davidson
Denoon, Campbell of Argyll
Deuchar, Lindsay
Dewar, Macnab, Menzies
Dingwall, Munro, Ross
Dis, Dise, Skene
Dochart, MacGregor
Doig, Drummond
Doles, Macintosh
Donachie, Robertson
Donald, MacDonald
Donaldson, MacDonald
Donleavy, Buchanan
Dougall, MacDougall
Dove, Buchanan
Dow, Buchanan, Davidson
Dowall, MacDougall
Drysdale, Douglas
Duff, MacDuff
Duffie, Duffy, Macfie
Dullach, Stewart
*Dunbar, Family Name
Duncanson, Duncan
Dunnachie, Robertson
*Dyce, Skene
Edie, Gordon
Elder, MacIntosh
Esson, Macintosh
Ewan, Ewen, MacEwen
Ewing, MacEwen
Fair, Ross
Farquhar, Farguharson
Federith, Sutherland
Fergus, Ferguson
Ferries, Ferguson
Ferson, Macpherson
Fife, Macduff
Findlay, Finlay, Farquharson
Findlayson, Farquharson
Findlater, Ogilvie
Fleming, Murray
Fordyce, Forbes
*Forsyth, Family Name
Foulis, Munro
France, Stewart
Fresell, Friseal, Frizell, Fraser
Frew, Fraser
Fullarton, Stewart
Fyfe, MacDuff
*Galbraith, MacDonald, MacFarlane
Gallie, Gunn
Garrow, Stewart
Gaunson, Gunn
Geddes, Gordon
Georgeson, Gunn
Gibb, Buchanan
Gibson, Buchanan
Gilbert, Buchanan
Gilbertson, Buchanan
Gilbride, MacDonald
Gilchrist, MacLachlan, Ogilvie
Gilfillan, Macnab
Gillanders, Ross
Gillespie, Macpherson
*Gillies, Macp herson
Gilmore, Morrison
Gilroy, Grant, MacGillivray
*Gladstone, Family
Glen, MacIntosh
Glennie, MacIntosh
Gorrie, MacDonald
Gowrie, MacDonald
Gray, Stewart, Sutherland
Gregor, MacGregor
Gregorson, MacGregor
Gregory, MacGregor
Greig, MacGregor
Greusach, Farguharson
Grier, MacGregor
Grierson, MacGregor
*Haig, Family Name
Hallyard, Skene
Hardie, Hardy, Farquharson, MacIntosh
Harper, Buchanan
Harperson, Buchanan
Hawthorn, MacDonald
Hendrie, Hendry, Henderson, MacNaughton
Hewison, MacDonald
*Home, Family Houston, MacDonald
Howison, MacDonald
Hughson, MacDonald
*Hunter, Family Name
*Huntly, Gordon
Hutcheson, MacDonald
Hutchinson, MacDonald
Inches, Robertson
*Inglis, Family
Innie, Innes
* Irvine, Family Name
Jameson, Gunn, Stewart
*Jardine, Family
*Johnson, Gunn, MacDonald

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